Yas Sepid Vash Co. as a leading trading company was established in 2004 in order to supply Food, Feed, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic-Hygienic raw materials to Iran market through its high educated specialist. Needless to mention that our customers are the medical community, health professionals and manufacturers in above mentioned industries.

Proudly, we are in a good connection with health organization and governmental ministries ( member of Iran - China , Iran - Germany and Iran – England Chamber of commerce ) as well as main transportation line  and having required certificates in Food and Pharma organization that support us to have a smooth way in our business despite of strict regulation which was levied on regular basis .

At the present time, Iran with a population of more than seventy five million is the best and the most potential market for the investment of Global manufacturers and it is our pleasure to announce that we are sole agents of more than10 manufacturers from Asia to Europe in this big market.

Yas Sepid Vash operates under the guidelines of its principals in transparent modes and its business transactions are planned, executed in cooperation with the principals. However our company manages the supply chain with high technology from our multinational manufacturing companies to the end-users or market sector business units.

Company Mission;

·      Key Market:    Direct sale and purchase with Food, Pharma and Cosmetic Factories in order to have a deal with a lower price by deleting traders.

·      Contribution: Offering Specific products in our industries with new formulation to the factories through our high educated specialist to save the cost for customers.

·      Distinction:    Replacing new materials with lower consumption dosage and lower price with high specialty comparing last applied products of customers.

Company Vision;

·      Transferring production technology to the customers based on knowledge.

·      Establishing a big holding company which can make a good relationship between production and import with  technology.

یاس سپیدوش