Product Name :TALC
Made in :Italy
Brand :Imifabi - WJ
Description :Pharmaceutical - USP grade talc is used as inert filler in tablets and as a lubricant / glidant in tablet coatings. Pharmaceutical grade talcs are also widely used in medicated foot powders, creams, lotions, ointments and as a release agent in tablet molds.
Cosmetics - Cosmetic grade talc is used as a filler in many cosmetic products and as an absorbent for perspiration and  skin oils in powdered form. Typical cosmetic products containing talc are eye
shadows, body powders, blushers, face powders, foundations, personal care products,
eye liners, make-up bases, mascara, lipstick,
deodorants, foot powders, rouges, creams, lotions, etc. (USP Talcs exceed the requirements for cosmetic use.)

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